support and hosting

Maintenance, support and hosting


Advante Digital offers support to our clients in United States for server optimization on platforms like: AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Cloudways and Godaddy. With expertise in both Windows Server and Linux environments you will receive the attention you need to maintain your Software optimized and running 24/7.

Website and apps

Whether you want us to create a new Website or an App, or need us to maintain your actual platform, we provide your business with a regular schedule for updating old pages, changing product prices, etc.

Administration panels

When the client needs to build a personalized administration panel to manage integrations that can’t be added to popular panels like the one Shopify and WordPress provide, we create our own administration panels that will allow to download reports, see real times sales, block users, and any requirement the client wants to add to it.


Our development team has years of experience developing custom web applications for clients in multiple States.We are proficient with Javascript animations done together with beautiful CSS and HTML pages.


And when we need to develop the connection to the database and all the business layers we use multiple languages like PHP, Java, JS. Our software is highly-integrated, robust and scalable. Our systems can be connected to any number of external applications via APIs including Stripe, Zoom, Google and Vimeo among others.